About Energyville

EnergyVille is a collaboration between the Belgian research partners KU LeuvenVITOimec and UHasselt in the fields of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. EnergyVille develops technology and knowledge to support public and private stakeholders in the transition to an energy efficient, decarbonised and sustainable urban environment. The unique complementarity of the research partners allows us to integrate the energy system value chain in its entirety, ranging from materials and components to the level of entire energy systems, business models and strategies. Our activities are clustered in eight interdisciplinary domains: solar energy, battery storage, power electronics, power-to-molecules, thermal systems, electrical networks, energy for buildings and districts, energy strategies and markets.

With approximately 400 researchers and state-of-the-art research facilities, EnergyVille is a top European innovation hub in the energy field. it bundles research, development and training under one roof and collaborates closely with local, regional, national and international partners from industry as well as public authorities.

As an energy R&D innovation hub, located in the industry-oriented ecosystem of Thor Park (Genk, Belgium), EnergyVille offers an attractive environment for energy research, industrial product development and business creation. The collaboration is supported by the city of Genk, the Province of Limburg, LRM, Nuhma, POM Limburg and the European structural funds.


The concurrent technology innovation and cost reduction of both ICT and distributed energy resources creates a unique opportunity for the transition towards a fully sustainable energy system.  A multi-scale energy system with a strong and often dominating decentralized presence will be characterized by the pre-eminence of electricity as energy vector, strongly coupled with other carriers such as e.g. thermal energy. The deployment of this energy system in a highly complex urban context, ensuring full sustainability, that encompasses security of supply, resilience, affordability and environmental friendliness, will be a crucial cornerstone of our future energy provision.


EnergyVille is a top research collaboration to outline the trajectory towards a market-based, sustainable energy system for large urban areas. This comprises Basic, Applied and Industry-driven research, both theoretical and experimental. EnergyVille serves the community by developing generic technologies and methodologies resulting in new products and services, by assisting in human capital development, and by providing science-based policy support from local to global level.

About EnergyVille

EnergyVille unites the Belgian research institutes KU Leuven, VITOimec and UHasselt for research on sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems.

About Thor Park

EnergyVille is located at Thor Park. Thor Park is a business, technology and science park where research institutions, start-ups, growth companies and global players in the energy sector, manufacturing industry and smart city applications come together.


EnergyVille 1&2 - Thor Park 8310 & 8320 - 3600 Genk / Belgium
info@energyville.be  -  Tel +32 (0)89 39 97 00

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